South Australia needs more Ambos now!

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Urge the Premier, Health Minister and your local MP to provide safe staffing for SA Ambulance and to put an end to ramping.
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South Australians are left waiting far too long for an Ambulance in their time of need. Sometimes – tragically – it just arrives far too late.

The Marshall Government seem more interested in saving money than saving lives. Fund more Ambos now.

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The Marshall Liberal Government cut $11 million from the Ambulance Service in its first two years in office – leaving our system in crisis.

Our Campaign

We have launched this campaign because the situation has reached a crisis point with a number of unfortunate, potentially avoidable, deaths of patients both in the community waiting for an ambulance and those ramped in ambulances outside hospitals in recent times. 

We have pursued every available avenue to resolve this situation with the SA Government, with no tangible improvement. We need the community’s support to make the Marshall Liberal Government listen.

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